Fuck You GameStop

May 12, 2009


I’m not sure if you’re the right person to be reading this, but I trust you will send it along to the appropriate team member. This was the only e-mail address I was able to drum up on your website at 11:44PM.

I’ve been buying video games since I was a wee little lad of 7 or 8 years old. I remember buying games from Electronics Boutique frequently (my beloved favorite) and occasionally having to woefully head over to Babbages (not my favorite). Since GameStop bought Electronics Boutique in 2005, I have noticed a significant drop off in customer service, store quality, and game selection. Not only have your stores become completely cluttered with used titles and worthless duplicates of the latest movie games (most recently it’s Wolverine), but your staff members have become unhelpful and negligent. My most recent episode in your DC area stores was the icing on the cake for me.

About a month ago I went into GameStop in Pentagon City, VA and attempted to trade in my old GameCube at the store in the Pentagon City Mall. It was a Sunday afternoon, and the mall was going to close in the next 10-15 minutes. I waited my turn in line and when I reached the front I informed the clerk I was there to trade in my GameCube. I was quickly shunned away and told that a trade in would take too long and that they were about to close. The clerk then informed me that if I came back tomorrow, it would be no problem to switch it out. It was obviously bullshit, but I thought what the hell. It’s no big deal. They’re closing, and I’m sure they have a lot to take care of tonight. So I did what I was told and returned on Monday evening. Wait my turn. Get to the front.

Me: “Hi, I’m here to trade in my GameCube and some games fr…”

GameStop Employee: “OH NO NO NO! We don’t accept GameCubes”.

Now, you can imagine my surprise when in a mere 24 hours this location decided it was no longer taking GameCubes. This was a different clerk, and he claimed that an e-mail had been sent out telling certain locations to stop accepting old GameCubes. The Pentagon City store wasn’t taking them anymore, but the Ballston Commons Mall store still was. Ok. Alright. Fine. Take my games, and I’ll make it out to Ballston Commons when I get a hot second.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. I head out to Ballston Commons with both my old GameCube and my old PS2. I even called ahead of time to make sure this store REALLY took them. They did. Great. I get to the store, and I’m waiting in line (your stores always have slow, long lines because your employees are incompetent) and one of your clerks decides he’s credit only. I’m not sure how you guys work your registers so this could actually be legitimate. Either way, I tell him I’m trading in and he says “Ehhhh…anyone paying with a credit card?”

Are trade-ins that bad? You guys advertise them everywhere, so you must like them, right? Why do your employees hate them so much? Is it because they have to actually work? I digress.

I finally get up to the young girl running the other register. She was great. She took my old systems and tallied them up in approximately 3 minutes (I think your Pentagon City clerks need to be re-trained on how to accept trade-ins…seems simple enough). I had $42 in credit. Awesome. I wanted to snag Street Fighter IV. Bring Ryu back into my home. No new copies. Fine. How about an old one. I didn’t really want the old one, but she sold me on it. Whew. I’m out of the woods. I did it. Systems traded in, and a new game for $13 because of my store credit. Nice. I didn’t get to play it on Sunday night, but I knew I would have a chance on this fine Monday evening.

I pop the game into my XBox 360, start it up, and what’d you know…A DISC READ ERROR!!!!! That’s right. The used game doesn’t even look like it was checked before it was placed back in another customer’s hands. You have got to be kidding me.

What’s the point of this e-mail you ask? Well, I feel that with all the trouble I went through, I at least deserve an explanation for all of this and a new copy of Street Fighter IV sent to my house. I will gladly mail back the used copy, but I would rather not have to go into one of your stores again for a while. Is this possible?

The thing that really gets me is that I have never written a complaint letter to any company in my young life (I’m only 24). I know what it’s like to deal with customers and how difficult it can be to please everyone. I feel your pain. I get it. But believe me when I tell you, if I’m annoyed with your company, then there must be an entire small planet’s worth of people enraged with you. And most of them are nerds which means they’re probably smart. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to get good service for video games from your stores. It’s a huge industry with a large base of loyal fanatics, and yet the one specialty retailer we have seems to be our opposition. This isn’t the first time I’ve had issues with your retail outfits; it’s just the first time I decided to write to you.

So congratulations GameStop, you’ve pissed me off so much that I decided to write you a letter instead of going to sleep. And I also decided to post it on my poorly read blog. Maybe throwing a link to it in my Twitter account will get me noticed.

There is of course, one other teensy, weensy problem that I was hoping you could help me with. Unfortunately (for me..not for you) I misplaced my receipt. Go ahead. Laugh it up. I can’t believe I did it either. However, I believe I’m in your ordering system. My info is listed below. Please let me know as soon as possible what steps I should take to sort this matter out.

Thanks for nothing…at this point at least.

Your aggravated and soon to be possible video game retail entrepreneur,

Anthony Marinos  


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  2. The Maddness Says:

    Clearly, if you were not OK with the copy she was trying to sell you, DON’T BUY IT. You can use the credit at any store. And yes, they probably shouldn’t have told you they couldn’t take the trade in, but you did come in 10-15 minutes to close, WHICH WE HATE, you had all day to come in, and corporate doesn’t even give enough hours to have people staying more than 15 minutes late in order to close. And the lines are slow because of incompetent employees, the computers themselves are slow, and it takes a minimum of 2-3 minutes on average per transaction. Have some fucking patience. Way to whine about it on the internet instead of trying to you know, contact a District Manager before you post all about your “misfortunes”.

    • GG Says:

      Obviously you missed the point of his letter. The problem isn’t that he had issues just one time with customer service, it’s that he and many others have been dealing with extremely lack lust service. If you are any other GayStop employee find it so hard to at least put on a fake smile and be helpful for a change then it sounds like you need a new line of work. Being an employee for a privately owned video game retail store, I know how difficult customers can be, but we always adhere to our store policies and try to maintain as polite of a manner as possible. Letting customers know and showing them proof of your store policies always helps too. GameStop has steadily become more and more notorious for poor customer service and poor product conditions. Selling a game that has been taken home by employees to “demo” and then turning around to sell it as new is by all intent false advertising. When I buy a game brand new, I expect to be the first one to open the package and break the seal. If I’m not the one who opened it then it is now used. Is it really that big of a loss for GameStop to lower the price of a “employee demo game” $5 dollars and call it used? If so why not at the very least resurface the disc before resale? Mr. Marinos has an extremely valid point and he is not the only one. Just follow any video game news and you will see GameStop’s ever growing list of complaints.

      • Jose Says:

        First of all, the only thing that I think was wrong with your experience was that they probably should’ve traded in your games the first night, but as mentioned above, Gamestop is tight on hours and we don’t have all the time in the world to close down our stores. Second, @GG, stop crying about how we can demo games for free. For getting paid minimum wage and working less than 10-15 hours most weeks, we SHOULD get to demo games for free. Also, if we were to leave every game in the plastic wrapping, there would be nothing on display in the store, so you’re going to have to get over the fact that you can’t open it out of the plastic EVERY time. Plus, most Gamestop employees in my experience demo used games instead as there’s such a high demand for brand new games and managers don’t always let them demo new ones. If a brand new game doesn’t work, which happens sometimes, bring it back in with the receipt and they’ll be able to replace it for the same game within 7 days.

        BTW to Mr. Marino up there, they won’t be able to do anything with the information you gave them, so don’t expect to get another game, they have to look it up in the register by time, date, and register number so you’ll have to go into the store you bought it to get another game. If you bought the game on the day you posted this, then you have 29 days to get another one.

        In my experience most Gamestop customers who complain about service, are usually people who are ignorant about what goes on behind the scenes.

        Next time you’re dissatisfied, go above the store manager’s head and call the district manager instead of complaining about Gamestop following store policy. Or just take your business elsewhere.

    • AmeriCAN Says:

      BS Madness,
      You have a job because people like us come in to your store. It does not matter if it’s 15 mins after open or before close. You are open to do business. Also your above post is an example of the fine service Game Stop gives. I suppose at $5/hr you are what we get. You and your store suck!!!

      • Mike Says:

        I’ve managed several retail stores, and if there’s one thing I hated when I was in that position, it was employees who hated it when customers came in in the last fifteen minutes. You’re getting paid to work from x:00-x:00; this does not mean you get fifteen minutes of paid leisure time before closing.

      • R.M. Says:

        15 minutes of leisure time? If you have worked retail then you know there is a lot to be done before the store closes. Fixing the walls, vacuuming, closing the registers, ect… its not 15 minutes of leisure time, its 15 minutes of closing time so we can leave at a reasonable hour. I personally don’t want to spend any more unnecessary time at work than I have to. Don’t get me wrong I love working but when you do an iron shift (9am-9pm) the last thing you want to do is stay past the closing time and spend another 20 minutes processing another trade in. I’m not making an excuse for myself or any others, I am just explaining the logic of some employees whom would like to go home at a reasonable time. A large number of gamestop employee’s go to school as well. You guys expect us to know EVERYTHING about games. How can we work 20-30 hours a week, go to school full time, play games to educate ourselves, AND have a social life. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Sure playing games sounds fun but what some of you guys expect us to know is just rediculous. I have had customers say ‘Why don’t you know? It’s your job to know.’ Meanwhile she was asking about a Imagine game for DS… How do you expect a 22 year old guy to play an Imagine game. If I played that game I would lose self respect. The internet exists folks, your using it right now… use it to do research before coming in. We almost always know if the big titles are good or not, we aren’t able to try out each game (1000+) in our store, ESPECIALLY when people complain about open ‘new’ items.

    • Steph Says:

      Obviously he didn’t know it wasn’t working before he bought it. Although he said he’d prefer a new copy, I’m sure the employee emphasized that used copies are checked and just as good.

      I haven’t personally had any problems with Gamestop (I only go in once in a while when I have trade-ins, which isn’t often), but I read a lot of negative complaints online about them. I think I’m lucky in terms of my nearby location.

  3. Matthew IBleedCanadianI Says:

    Dude, I feel your pain. I bought a TE Fightstick for XBOX 360 and received a PS3 One instead. Thing is Gamestop told me there is nothing I can do about it and sent me on my way. FUCK GAMESTOP

  4. IrishPuterGeek Says:

    Looks like you hit a nerve Anthony. Poor kid probably actually believes where he works is a “nice place”. Great job on making the consumerist!

  5. Whatever Says:

    “Well, I feel that with all the trouble I went through, I at least deserve an explanation for all of this and a new copy of Street Fighter IV sent to my house. I will gladly mail back the used copy, but I would rather not have to go into one of your stores again for a while. Is this possible?”

    You are a fucking idiot. Epic fail. End it now.

  6. Matt Says:

    Great letter dude. I used to work @ Gamestop, my experience is that the company and a significant portion of the employees are total poop (myself excluded, of course). Good luck getting your $$$ back.


    Hey Maddness:

    STFU IDIOT! We consumers don’t give a fuck if you don’t like to actually work. If we want to come 10-15 minutes before close, we will come 10-15 minutes before close. You still get paid, so we will still bother you. If you don’t like sales 10-15 minutes before close then PUT UP A FUCKN SIGN DICKHEAD! Now, I’m just going to get you fired for wasting my time because instead of ringing me at the register, you were TOO FUCKN BUSY WRITING NONSENSE!

    And again, DICKHEAD, you just caused GameStop to lose several thousand valuable customers and yes I do have a lot of pull. Congratulations cause now I’m sure GameStop will be more than happy to sue your FUCKN ASS BITCH!

  8. Samowamo Says:

    i totaly agree. althought i dont buy video games that often, all of my friends working in game store ( some at game stop others at game crazy). my suggestion is to got to game crazy if their in your area..the games are always a few bucks cheaper, the staff knows what their talking about. i feel that gamestops are uncomfortable to walk in, the walls are always a mess and compiled with unwanted used games, and game crazy just has a better selection thats easy to read. so props to you for taking action in your bad expierance. maybe the consumerist has a number or email address you can contact that will help your situation.

  9. […] a perfect example: Anthony had to make three trips to two different stores over a 24 hour period to trade in his Gamecube, then spent an extra $13 on top of the trade in […]

  10. […] a perfect example: Anthony had to make three trips to two different stores over a 24 hour period to trade in his Gamecube, then spent an extra $13 on top of the trade in […]

  11. Vance Says:

    I stopped shopping at crapStop a long time ago. I definitely stopped trading crap in way before that because it is undeniably a racket.

    Now, I just enjoy my GameFly account that I am two seconds away from canceling.

    It’s impossible to get good gaming based customer service these days.

    I used to buy a game or two a month. Now, because gamestop sucks so incredibly bad, I have stopped buying altogether.

  12. Kali Says:

    I hate the Pentagon City GameStop so much. The itty bitty store crammed with obnoxious teenagers made me claustrophobic, the register monkeys were always ridiculously slow to finish a transaction and I actually had employees ignore me in favor of walking over to some 20-something guy just browsing as I stood next to the counter trying to get attention so I could ask a question about a game. And don’t get me started on buying a ‘new’ game that wasn’t sealed.

    The only good thing to come out of that store for me was a $7.99 copy of F-Zero GX.

    I had better customer service in the Game Crazy by the Target on Jefferson Davis Hwy, but the selection sucked balls. We ended up just buying all our games from Best Buy.

  13. […] a perfect example: Anthony had to make three trips to two different stores over a 24 hour period to trade in his Gamecube, then spent an extra $13 on top of the trade in […]

  14. Dave Says:

    Sucks dude I know. 2 years ago I went in to buy Crysis and the so-called clerk hands me an open copy! Mind you this is a PC game and has registration keys attached to it. I said wtf, he said this is due to theft. What the fuck does that even mean? Scumbags, all of them, the entire company. I now buy all my games through amazon.com. Someday they will have a trade in system and puts these fucks out of biz.

  15. ccjames Says:

    You are completely right! GameStop employees are usually incompetent and moody, being so condescending like they know everything! They rarely have the game I want, hell, I usually go to Target (which isn’t much better). For a while their prices were also abnormally high. I used to go to a store named “GameCrazy” who is owned by a company called Hollywood Movies, but because of the whole online rental thing, went out of business and lost to BlockBuster. It’s nice to know that there’s someone in the world that’s down to earth. I’ll be sure to post this on my blog (if you don’t mind) which can be found at techtribenews.wordpress.com

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  17. Vipul Says:

    The customer care service, in any retail industry is put up in the top priority. Thats because, in order to survive in a market filled with competitors, a brand has to build a bond with its customers and not just that, it also has to maintain that bond. Now that is the way to go for any brand. A brand stays only if its customers stays. And if irate customers list tends to increase, its business is anyways going to go down. Now i dont know much about Gameshit, but if they do not have any other way where a customer could access the help which he needs, they would be the losers and not the customer.

  18. Tatton Says:

    I sympathize with you. I’ve pretty much put Gamestop on my purchasing blacklist. My last straw was when they gutted one of my preorders because it was the only copy they got in. I’d understand if I had exceeded the amount of time that they hold it for me, but this was 5 hours after the game came in. On top of that, they covered the outside case with stickers and labels that never really came off. I ended up having to replace the case on it. Their response when I asked for a store worn discount? “It doesn’t matter. I buy games to play games, not collect boxes.” A pretty sorry excuse for defacing a product I gave them money to hold for me. Immediately following that fiasco I went to another Gamestop location and heard the sales clerk tell someone who was buying a copy of Eternal Sonata that “this game is gay and anyone who would play it is gay.” When I reported these events with a list of other experiences to the support e-mail on the website, I got an autoresponse promising a followup and nothing else. I second e-mail with a query about the first didn’t even get the autoresponse.

    These scenarios where we as consumers need to stand up for our rights and vote with our wallets. Companies like Gamestop who have absolutely no respect for their customers and refuse to put forth any effort towards customer service wouldn’t exist if people stopped spending money with them. With Gamecrazy expanding and mom and pop shops struggling to stay in business, there’s plenty of reason to shop elsewhere. There are also plenty of places to order online as well (often offering free shipping with a preorder as well).

  19. […] a perfect example: Anthony had to make three trips to two different stores over a 24 hour period to trade in his Gamecube, then spent an extra $13 on top of the trade in […]

  20. x4avalanche Says:

    im gonna call shennanigans on this “Story”

    Gamecubes trade in for $10
    Street Figter 4 Used cost $55
    ok u have a discount card make it $50

    there is no chance in hell you payed $13 for the game, even if you had like a %70 off coupon

    and even thoe you think they dont care, the people who work there do care about their jobs. they would have looked up your purchase or they would lose their jobs, because usually people like you demand a District Managers phone number to complain and bitch so you get you way

  21. J.R. Says:

    Guys lets get one thing straight…”Used” Games are just that USED…opening a game from its packaging does not make it used.. the same lame excuse you are using against gamestop you would also use when trying to return a game that WAS sealed when you bought it… You would know you cant get your money back based on Gamestop policy but you would still come up to the counter and say” I know I opened the packaging but I promise you I never used the game I didn’t play it one time” Your argument makes you all hypocrites. We dont know if you have played the game or not and we cant just take your word for it. It is the same reason you think that the game is used because the packaging has been removed how can you trust us that it hasn’t been played right?Sorry but this world is full of people who will try to take advantage of the system. If you dont like the policies gamestop has then shop somewhere else. If you like to shop at a gamestop but dont like the one you go to then head to one that you can find where the employees are smart and nice. The whole thing about 10-15 min before close is that yes you are allowed to shop until we close and that means until your DONE not when we are done. That was something that was wrong and should have never happened but truthfully gamestop does not pay overtime..you can get fired for having a 20 in the register after 7pm in case there is a robbery. What happened to you was great example of how gamestop treats there employees like crap no hours very few people to run the registers….and the annual 20cent raise over the states minimum wage. They make billions and steal billions… but before we go off lets speak the truth and plain and simply put if your not comfortable buying a game that is not sealed then DONT buy it. same with us if we are not comfortable believing your story that you NEVER played that new game you purchased..then we have that same right…by the way the employees are enforcing the return policy.

  22. billy bawls Says:

    Man thats gay…Game stop is a very cold company showing no sympathy for the poor standard man….

  23. Killer_pwned89 Says:

    This makes me laugh to see all you bitching like little kids lmfao. This is life their is problems with every corperation out their get over it and grow up. This is all just a waste of time and just puts your IQ down half way and you just completely lost all your diginty over this you just havent relized it yet. Enjoy your sad sad poor lives….Lifes a bitch aint it 🙂

  24. Killer_pwned89 Says:

    Ill say one thing tho to anyone that had anything positive to say or just not retarded stuff your cool lol. You other guys well i already layed it out for you.

  25. R.M. Says:

    Ok, from what I can tell you guys just catch the wrong people working. I myself am a gamestop employee and I can tell you right now; if they refuse a trade-in at all they are retarded. The store gets more hours and more ‘new’ games based upon trade-in %. Not to mention the district manager and store manager’s bonus is based upon trade-in %. But honestly, if the line is slow. It is usually the customer himself who is slow or the computer. If the employee didn’t apologize for the wait, then they are retarded. Out of over 4000+ stores it surprises me that there aren’t more complaints. District managers have anywhere between 10 and 50 stores to keep track of so they can’t keep tabs on everyone customer service. However, on the receipt now you can do the survey. Answer honestly, don’t ignore it for it WILL help. Gamestop actually does care about customer service. YES, we do sell open ‘new’ games. Don’t take it out on employees, 99% of the customers I had didn’t care about this, I asked and explained to them why it was open and that if they had ANY problems to come back to the store and it will be taken care of with the best intentions. The reason for having open ‘new’ games is because of theft. Yes… theft, we do have people who steal stuff in the world. They require us to have at least 1 empty box on the wall for every game in our store. it has to be empty because we would be retarded to have over 1000+ games on the wall with product inside them. That would be a loss waiting to happen. So yeah, the guy with the PC game with the code in it, I understand your point but when I noticed my manager not taking the code out but just the CD, I flipped a shit. He’s not a PC guy so he didn’t realize how important it is, so we keep it safely behind the counter so the thieves cannot steal it. If it doesnt work or if it’s missing the code then we have to assume that either it wasn’t in the box when we gave it to you or you took the code and are using it to play it while returning the game. I HATE selling open ‘new’ games. I wish they would just send us box art to put in empty generic DVD boxes but no, they don’t. Please don’t take it out on us. I try to be as friendly and as courteous as I can be. When people complain about how I take off money for a game or system in a trade-in I ask them this: If you saw this in my store, would YOU buy it? The answer is always no, but they continue to say that it works but its not just functionality. If you have a system that you use as your ashtray or you spilled something on it and its sticky then who the hell would want to buy a smelly ass xbox360 that has a fan that blows smelly air into the room? Not happening in my store, when we send stuff to be refurbished it gets fixed and clean. If you want to take it back to your house and clean it, by all means do so… or do it before you come. Then they complain ‘oh I paid 60$ for this and now I’m getting 3$?.’ yes that’s right, you are getting 3$ for a 3 year old game that few people buy. Our trade-in value is based upon what used games people buy. Yes that’s right, we have customers who buy used games. The company actually profits most from used games (for obvious reasons) and the employees are encouraged to promote that as much as possible. It is a business and a business exists to make money. On the other hand it is also a business’s job to keep the customers happy. When I was being interviewed for the lowest position at gamestop by the district manager (which is rare) one question I clearly remember him asking me was ‘How would you define customer service?’ I had never worked in retail before so I had to think on my feet and this is what I came up with in less than 2 seconds; ‘Making the customer happy while keeping it within the company’s best interests.’ We cannot break company rules to help you, we WILL lose our job if we do stupid stuff. So yes, no receipt returns are not allowed. However, information from the past 30 days is in the computer for every transaction. If you lose your receipt then we can look up the information but it has to be at the same store you bought it. If an employee does this for you they are being super nice because we don’t have to do this. Technically you are required to have a receipt on you but we can manually put the information in, I am unsure if this is a legal action but once again I’m looking out for the customer. In my 1.5 years of working at gamestop, I have had nothing but good things said to and about me. Maybe 1 person towards the beginning was P.O.’d at me but she was trading in a really old GBA game and was getting 2 dollars for it and stormed out of the store ticked off. On a closing statement, I don’t remember if anyone complained about a store not having enough of a game in the above posts but I get people complaining all the time ‘Why don’t you have that? It just came out.’ If you want a game, RESERVE IT, if we have 2 reserves on a game thats coming out then we’ll only get around 4-8 copies. The more reserves the more of a chance our store will have many more copies. If we get PC reserves our PC section will get larger(Yes I know alot of gamestops have next to no PC section) So do yourself a favor and reserve the game so we get enough for everyone.

    On behalf of the crappy gamestop employee’s you guys have met I would like to apologize for their ‘retarded’ actions and just ask for a little patience in the store. We get all types of wacko’s trying to do shady crap and we need to do our job and prevent it.

    • Shawn Says:

      thank you i totally agree with you. i have been working at gamestop for over 2 years. defintely your staff sets the tone and environment of the store. i haven’t had any complaints and people appreciate what we do and the knowledge compared to best buy and target. it takes time to get folks to understand certain things. perfect example reservations and why we ask people about them (simple: basic economics- supply and demand; if there is demand they will send us more supply) you know rome wasn’t built in a day. i guess its different depending what location you go to. i have even have people that prefer to go to us even if they a game crazy store closer to them due to selection and the staff(environment) oh well can’t please everyone

  26. kristen Says:

    It’s not just the policies, it’s the attitude of the employees (who only seem to be proactive when it comes to trolling posts like this)especially if you’re female. It’s a hostile environment, sorta like entering one of those hole in the wall comic book stores, where you are treated like a moron by morons. When checking to see if GameStop had a copy of a certain game new, they tried to sell me a demo copy as new. Fine, you say it’s new and i’m not there to argue the point. It’s your store and your policies, and that’s cool. But personally I can’t trust your, just like you can’t trust your customers apparently, which is why these things come sealed from the factory in the first place. So, I smiled and said no thanks, and that’s when they got ugly. As i turned to leave, the employee told me he could go to the back room and shrink wrap it for me, if that would make me feel better, and that people who cared about the packaging were “just being stupid.” Lovely. Never been back to a Gamestop, and never will.

  27. andy Says:

    J.R. Says:

    May 13, 2009 at 4:07 am

    Guys lets get one thing straight…”Used” Games are just that USED…opening a game from its packaging does not make it used.. the same lame excuse you are using against gamestop you would also use when trying to return a game that WAS sealed when you bought it… You would know you cant get your money back based on Gamestop policy but you would still come up to the counter and say” I know I opened the packaging but I promise you I never used the game I didn’t play it one time” Your argument makes you all hypocrites. We dont know if you have played the game or not and we cant just take your word for it. It is the same reason you think that the game is used because the packaging has been removed how can you trust us that it hasn’t been played right?Sorry but this world is full of people who will try to take advantage of the system. If you dont like the policies gamestop has then shop somewhere else. If you like to shop at a gamestop but dont like the one you go to then head to one that you can find where the employees are smart and nice. The whole thing about 10-15 min before close is that yes you are allowed to shop until we close and that means until your DONE not when we are done. That was something that was wrong and should have never happened but truthfully gamestop does not pay overtime..you can get fired for having a 20 in the register after 7pm in case there is a robbery. What happened to you was great example of how gamestop treats there employees like crap no hours very few people to run the registers….and the annual 20cent raise over the states minimum wage. They make billions and steal billions… but before we go off lets speak the truth and plain and simply put if your not comfortable buying a game that is not sealed then DONT buy it. same with us if we are not comfortable believing your story that you NEVER played that new game you purchased..then we have that same right…by the way the employees are enforcing the return policy.

    blah blah blah, shut up loser, gamestop sucks dick

  28. JT Says:

    I’m not sure if you have that much room to complain. At least with how much you did and you did seem to nitpick. I do agree with you that coming in the last 15 minutes to do a trade-in and then being shooed off was wrong. Coming in then next day and being told that they don’t accept Gamecubes anymore isn’t all that far fetched. The previous store clerk might not have been aware of the new policy of not accepting GC’s, or perhaps the email was sent out in that 24 hour period that you weren’t there. I’m going to assume the former as the latter is probably less likely but I don’t know.
    Your statement that the lines at Gamestop are always slow because the employees are incompetent is very pre-judgemental. You don’t know exactly what’s happening up ahead. The customer could be chatting on the phone while the clerk is trying to complete the transaction, or the customer could be paying with a check thus the clerk may have to call the bank for confirmation, or possibly even the customer has a few questions for the clerk. Granted your assumption of the clerks being incompetent is not out of the realm of possibility I wouldn’t stick with that as why things are not going at the pace you want them to. Hell, they could just be new.
    How is a clerk saying “Ehhhh…anyone paying with a credit card?” even relevant to your rant? Are you just trying to paint Gamestop in a negative light because you got irritated?
    As for why employees hate trade-ins, well I have a theory on that as well. A buddy of mine runs a store and from his experiences that he tells me, and those that I have seen a lot of people get really irritated when they go to trade in because they get (relatively) so little money back. I don’t blame them, but that’s why I don’t trade in. And after working in a restaurant for 7+ years I know how nasty people can get.
    Now on to your problems with SF4. Good choice of a game by the way. Since it didn’t work for you as intended (by you, GS, Microsft and everyone involved with the purchase, sale, and use of that game) you are the only one really at fault because you did not check the game first. I do agree that Gamestop should have checked it before giving it to you but in the end you are the one making the purchase you should have checked it out for yourself.
    As I draw my conclusion the only real complaints you have are being told to leave the store 10-15 minutes before closing, having to go to another store the following day because the original GS that you chose did not accept your items and then getting a flawed copy of SF4 and losing your receipt. On that note you are not entitled to anything. Everything you ranted about in between those three major events was just you throwing your opinion around as fact with no factual evidence to base it on. For the big three then either there is room for doubt as to what happened or you were at fault as well.
    Given at the end of your blog post you mentioned that you lost your receipt I am going to assume that was the icing on the cake for you. In your mind you were given the run around from GS and then given a defective copy of SF4 and then you lost your receipt thus leaving you stuck with the game. So you’re out 2 consoles and $13. But either way, good luck to you and I hope you fill in the details of your story.

  29. Rob Says:

    Well lets see. First off going into any store right before closing they will 99% of the time send you on your way if its going to take a long time dealing with you. Second, Gamecubes havnt been accepted at alot of gamestops. So be LUCKY you were able to get ANYTHING for it. Third, Buying a USED game is at your own RISK. and before you bash me about used games. i have 40 Xbox 360 games 90% of them used FROM GAMESTOP. nothing has been wrong with them. Why? Because i LOOK at the cd before i leave the store. its a 30 minute drive to the nearest one for me and would be a waste of gas to find it dont work. And if you lose the receipt thats your own fault. Knowing it was used put it somewhere you know. Your wallet (or your purse how your bitching and whining), Inside the game case, in your glovebox or visor or somewhere you KNOW. Hell i could say i bought a game used and given my name and phone number and email address over the internet and say yeah give me something free. Hell your a moron first off for displaying your contact info on the internet like that. Do the world a favor Play with a light Socket with a metal butter knife while sitting in a kiddy pool full of sulfuric acid. And as far as what time you came in had something to do with how they acted? Dealing with morons like you? id love to get off on time and go home and relax. im sure its not a hard job to do. but dealing with morons is a headache. So stop sucking on your moms tits and grow up. the worlds not fair. and if you dont believe that look in the mirror at that ugly fucker you are.

    • Lahondere Says:

      For the record, I “your” is not the same as “you’re.”

      Nobody likes you and you will die alone, probably of AIDS.

  30. Tatton Says:

    @JT and RM

    Just to clarify, my problem with their actions wasn’t that they open new games for the sake of preventing theft. The problem I had was that I reserved the title, the store got one copy, and chose to gut my preorder and put it on the shelf. I wasn’t expecting a “used” discount, I expected a shop worn discount because they opened the product and damaged it. To me, that is the reason why a shop worn discount exists.

    • R.M. Says:

      I once again apologize for that. If it was reserved and you come within the first week of it coming out it shouldn’t be what we call ‘gutted.’ Especially with PC games, I always keep reserved PC games behind the counter for at least a week. There IS a shopworn discount and if you really really feel you are entitled to it, by all means ask for it but a gamestop employee is not required to give you one it is at their discretion (if they ask me i always give to them because I KNOW that the company makes alot of money.) I am very humble about being one of the best if not THE best gamestop employee on Long Island. I pride myself in it because I like to make people happy. Unfortunately gamestop has a ‘thing’ for hiring kids at minimum wage and they just don’t give a crap and it just carries on into their career. It’s a crappy world of business and hopefully if parents raise their kid’s properly things will change.

    • JT Says:


      My post wasn’t directed at you. In fact I agree with you wholeheartedly that if a new copy is gutted so they can put the case on display then yes I do agree a shop worn discount is in order. I just feel that Linkalicious was way out of line bitching as much as he did for seemingly almost nothing.

  31. Lahondere Says:

    I love this post. It just goes to show the awesome customer service GameStop has to offer. All the problems of this story most definitely go back to GameStop and NOT to the customer! Why couldn’t he trade his old system in? Why did he have to leave even though the transaction took three minutes? Why was there a disc error? All of these things are GameStop’s fault. The best part about it is that GameStop employees actually commented on here to tell you to stop whining and to blame you for their incompetence! Classic.

    Everyone needs to redirect their anger TOWARDS GameStop, not away from it. It’s the corporations asinine policies and greed that eventually make us unhappy.

  32. jerkfacekilla Says:

    I too have found the customer service at Game Stop is quite lacking. I am always disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm that GS employees have about thier jobs. I obviously don’t expect someone to come running up to me, jumping up and down like a crazy wild mad-man, but it would be nice to recieve a smile or even a head-nod acknowledgement. I have also left the store shaking my head at the amazing lack of gameing information that the store employees have. Maybe, (if they don’t already) some corporate sponsored education about games would be prudent. I also think that the responses posted by various GS employees is a perfect example of the kind of service that I have, unfortunately, become accustomed to. By that I mean, irritation and an unrational penchant for making up excuses for unreasonable business practices. Now, I am not by any means including every GS nor every GS employee in this post. Just those that I have personally come into contact with. With that said, hopefully GS Corporate will pay attention and makes some much needed changes. Cheers!

  33. J.D. Says:

    I am currently a manager of a Gamestop and heres what I see from this. This should have been solved the first day because if gamestop lets a customer in they should be entitled to shop there way if the store was closed they should say we are closed sorry you have to leave. If a customer comes in and says i wanna trade this in we should never turn them away its how our company makes money which is what we are in the business to do. I think everyone agrees noone likes to start a task right before going home that will take you an extra 20 minutes, which is what a trade in would take if its a big one. but its what we get paid to do and anyone who bitches about hours and gamestops not getting enough if you call your district manager or regional manager and say i was making money or taking a trade in im sure they wouldnt say well you blew payroll your fired i bet they would get hours from another store that didnt stay late or they would say ok you were making money and doing your job. Gamestop employees this comes from someone whos been there if you make minimum wage and feel your time or effort isnt being paid for then discuss it with your boss (believe it or not we can get you more money if your good at what you do) or quit we (gamestops employees that care) dont need shitty employees making us look bad. If you dont care we dont want you. Despite popular opinion I believe most gamestops employees are here to help customers i know in my store and my district there are next to no customer complaints. I believe we do a very good job at helping customers find what they want get something good and be satisfied with what they want. PArents and nongamers i believe we help you more than anyone else we find you games for 4 yr old girls and 10 yr old gilrs or 6 yr old boys despite most of us being in our 20’s or 30’s. Gamers dont be so hard on us really i dont know what we ever did to piss you guys off but I know ill say whatsup when you enter the store and ill leave you alone ill ask if you need something generally its a no because you know what you want or you just wanna find something good. You guys help yourselves a bit and look at the bottom of disks if we dont. you know how badly scratched a game can be if it plays. I know its our job to check them when we take them in but some stuff gets through we take sometimes 2 to 3 hundred pieces of trades a day yeah we might have missed one. But dont blame us because you didnt check to see if the thing you are spending money on is functional. If you ask me and i look at it and i lie to you then be angry but i dont believe myself to be an asshole on that level but im no more pysichic than you i cannot tell just by looking at it that its gonna work. We arnt out to screw you by giving you a dollar for madden 04 noone will buy it so its not worth alot you want a lot of money bring in new games right after your done with them. Dont bring in Wolverine in 6 months right after they announce the new xmen movie or deadpool game it wont be worth anything. Sealed games yes we all want wrapped games from the factory we get that new game smell when we open it. We are often critized for not knowing enough about games and helping you the customer decide what is good or bad so should we play them and help inform you where to spend your 60 bucks or should we say i dont know how it is or should we just lie to you and say everything is good. In the end really gamestops need to have more employees that care like my staff that do their job reguardless of what time it is and try to satisfy everyone and customers you guys need to decide as a majority what you want from us more copies of new good games vs shit on the wall, reserve more copies ill get more and they will be sealed and waiting for you to pick them up behind my counter. You want games that will play check them for yourselves i have never forced someone into buy a game that was scratched if your not happy leave it alone.

  34. A Small Chuckle Says:

    This guy…he can’t be that bright.

    He says there’s a long line because the employees aren’t that bright…he probably didn’t notice the fact that there are only two employees in the store, and at most two registers. Simple deduction means that they can help at most 2 at a time, and they were even doing credit card purchases separate which makes a lot of sense because it’s faster for those customers.

    Now, taking a trade-in that late is something that I think the first store should have done, but really? Call a district manager and that solves it faster than a poorly written email complete with bashing the employees of the corporation.

    A few tips for writing complaint emails:

    1. Proofread.
    2. State your problem in a manner that is clear, concise, and brevity is key.
    3. Don’t go out of your way to bash any employee/policy/specific person. It’s okay to be upset, but it makes you THAT GUY when you bash anyone in your complaint email. It’s like instant credibility loss.

    Hope someone paid attention though, because you did have a sucky experience.

  35. Luke Says:

    I work in one of the GameStop stores and let me fill you in on a few things:

    1. If you’re denied a trade, told bogus info, or anything you find suspicious, ask for a manager for explanation. If that person claims to be the manager on duty, take their name and ask for a contact number for the district manager. That person will verify or deny the information and you can then explain what the employee told you.

    2. If a used game is visibly scratched in such a manner that there’s no way it can be played, you have room to complain, but any store with a copy will gladly replace it for you. Minor marks are all discretionary. There’s no way we can sit there and play through 100% of a disc for each item to verify it first-hand.

    3. Wait times can vary for a number of reasons. Are they trading in items? Are they looking for items that the store doesn’t have in stock? Are they using a variety of payment methods? A trade can take several minutes. We have to check the product for damages, we have to test the hardware, and we have to verify the serial information. THEN we have to type in your complete information if it not already in our system. THEN we have to see what you want to do with the credit, which can be a great number of other things. As far as the comment above regarding the computers being slow, yes, many of them are on a dial-up connection. That is something you can complain to a corporate office about. Its nothing on the local level.

    Considering the girl that processed your trade seemed to be efficient and explained things, I suggest you go there, even ask for her if she is there. You’ll find that just some people are better at their jobs than others.

  36. GameStop SM Says:

    Fuck you, Gamestop. Fuck you.

    That fuckin’ place is a real shit hole. Do you want to know the truth about how gamestop works? I’ll tell you.

    We get a game in. Check to see if it’s reserved. If it is, we sit it aside. Oh wait, no we don’t. The official company policy is to sell all copies of the game immediately as we will get additional allocations within a few days. Whether you reserved it, or your a walk-in, you’ll get your copy. If you did reserve it, too fuckin’ bad. We sell ’em anyway. If you get there during the first day, you’ll be fine, but come in late the next day, you might not receive the copy you pre-ordered.

    New or used? Who knows? It’s all the same anyway. We take home a copy of the game the day it comes out (obviously a new copy), play it for up to 4 days, and bring it back. Slap a “New” sticker on the box, and put the game in a white sleeve. Which copy was checked out? Hell if I know, it’s all the same in the system. Then, here’s the kicker. It’s a normal procedure that, if a store is hit with excessive shrink one day (ie, from a bad category count or inventory) to just find good looking copies of used games, with good looking boxes, to move them into the system as new, throw it in a white sleeve and call it a day. That new copy you just bought, it might have been traded in over a month ago.

    I have been sent to many different stores in my area to help with training new employees, and I usually end up schooling the management on procedures, and even console knowledge. I don’t know how many managers I’ve had to tell that a Wii WILL NOT play DVD’s. Or that the new PS3’s are not backwards compatible, and even that the XB360 is not fully backwards compatible and that support is no longer running anyway.

    Gamestop blows ass, and I hate my fucking job. Would you like to know why I hate my job? Because corporate is a bunch of cunts. They sit at their desk, and call me whenever they’re raggin. They need someone to feel as shitty as them, so they tell me that I suck at my job and want to know why a customer complained about me.

    Want to know why the customers complain about me? Because I fucking hate all you idiots. You come in and expect me to make all of your financial decisions. If you want to come in and ask the the difference between a PS3 and 360, or which one is better for you, than that’s fine. That’s my job and I will do my absolute best to make sure you leave happy. I don’t work on commission, so I don’t give a shit if you buy anything or not. I want you to get what you need, not what I want you to buy.

    What I hate is when you come in with a pissy attitude right off the bat. Then you tell me that you’re not sure which one you want and want to know what I think. I try to tell you the differences, but you won’t listen. You already know everything because you’re a prick who thinks you’re better than me. You give me more attitude, and then tell me that I should know more about my job. I’ll tell you what, motherfucker, you do my god damn job. You stand behind this counter and deal with arrogant pricks like yourself, and then tell me how to do my job.

    This is why I’m quitting tomorrow. I don’t have another job lined but, but I can’t take it anymore. I have worked retail my whole life, and I have never had a job as shitty as this one. The company treats their employees like shit, their customer service sucks ass, and the customers hate the employees for all of it.

    I hate people.

    • Shawn Says:

      im sorry you hated it. guess depends your environment and peers. store manager here as well in southern california and pretty content. retail is tough but you just can’t let it get to you. its rough right now and there are worse jobs then this for example having none. good luck to you and hope things get better for you

  37. Luke Says:

    Perhaps your first problem is that you “hate people,” yet work in the one environment that requires you to interact with people. Sounds like its just a bad career choice on your part.

  38. Nate Says:

    I created a blog to write about music. Today, I would like to rant about used video game stores. Money is tight, but I want to get Pete Yorn tickets. What did I decide to do? Sell some old video games that I don’t play anymore. I will never in my life walk into a Game Stop again, and besides, I was trying to sell SNES games.
    Let’s first go back a few years, and let me explain my hatred towards Gamestop. When I was in a kid in the early 90’s there was a store called Funcoland. It was the first used video game store of my knowlege. From what I remember, the store was great! It had tons of stations to try out any video game that you wanted. I remember the new games being over priced, but the used games seemed to be fair. I was into Sega Genesis at the time.
    I got into N64 and PS2 later on, but I always had a love for the old NES which I never owned. When I was in high school/early college, I bought an old NES for about 20 bucks or so. This was around the late 90’s/early 00’s when Funcoland seemed to be phasing out the NES. They were selling systems and games, but they weren’t too interested in buying unless you had some rare game like Zelda with the gold cartridge. They were selling games for dirt cheap and I had a blast playing NES with my friends. The employees at Funcoland weren’t as nice as they were when I was 11 and they would give me wierd looks when I would come up to the counter with a stack of NES games.
    Then one day Funcoland turned into Gamestop…
    I still went into the store, but my interest gradually turned into hatred.

    Scenerio 1.
    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
    This game was huge! I decided to get the game the day it came out. All stores were sold out…except for Gamestop…only if you bought the players guide with it. That would cost you another 20 bucks. They told me I should have reserved a copy at there store.

    Scenerio 2.
    The PS2 was still a hot item, but I was losing interest in videogames. I decided to sell it while I could still make a buck off of it. I took great care of my PS2 and games. Never had a problem with it…until I brought it into Gamestop. For some mysterious reason, when they tested it there, the screen was distorted. I was shocked! He told me he would give me 20 bucks to take it off my hands. I left and sold it at Pawn America for a decent price. They didn’t even check to see if it worked.

    Scenerio 3.
    The wii was still hard to get after the 2nd Christmas season that it was out. My sister-in-law wanted one for her son. My wife called Gamestop and they told here there was a good chance there would be a wii shipment at 12:00. I went there and the guy treated me as if I should have known there would be no chance for a wii. I explained that my wife called and he acted like I was a complete idiot.

    Now I came to accept that there will always be video game snobs. There are record store snobs, video rental snobs, and so on. But these are usually at independantly owned stores. I don’t see too many snobs at the check out at Best Buy or Sam Goody (When there was one).

    Flash forward to 3 years ago. Gamestop wasn’t selling used NES games anymore. This brought in a new market. I first saw an old school video game store at the Edina Mall. I was in heaven. The clerk seemed cool and there were tons of great games for NES, SNES, etc. Last year, I saw tons of small island stores in malls that sold used old school games.
    I decided to go to the Mall of America and sell my copy of Chrono Trigger at this place called Hi-Score. I know it’s a great game, but I don’t have the time to play it, and I figured I could get at least 20 for it. Ebay was too much of a hassle, so I went to Hi-Score.
    He put the game in this machine that played NES and SNES games, but it wasn’t a real SNES. I have seen these emulators for sale before. He put the game in and…all of the data was erased!!!! I had 3 saved games on it, and when he put it in his little machine, they were all wiped out. He asked me if I could save a game so that he could tell that the saved battery feature still worked. It would have taken me 30 minutes to find a saved point and I had my daughter with me. There was no way I had the time. Plus, his machine could have ruined my save feature if I tried to sell it elsewhere. He offerd me 20 bucks, but would have given me 35 if I could have saved it. I took the money. He had another copy of Chrono Trigger at his store for 99 dollars!! I could find it on ebay for 25-30.

    Now this is the second time I went to a used video game store where a game of mine hasn’t worked. Does anyone know if they have something that makes games appear defective? Please let me know! My guess is that most of the games people bring in are stolen and don’t care what money they get for them.
    I found some videos of an ex-Game Stop employee that tells about how crappy it is to work there and how they treat their customers, but there has to be someone that knows if they mess with your games. See his videos here. They are quite amusing.

    Anyways, that’s my rant. I should have gone to Discland, but I figured this Hi-Score place would give me more since they sell it for more. Discland in Bloomington has always been good to me and their clerks are cool.


    I know if I’m paying for a brand new copy of a game, then it better be exactly how it was before it arrived to your store. It better be in the same packaging and not touched or taken out of the box @ all. I don’t go buying stuff off the net expecting it to be opened by someones grubby hands, why would I do it in person @ a Gamestop? The fact that there’s even employees defending this makes me sick and shows how this place runs. I miss when Gamestop was babbages, it had a lot better atmosphere and care. My buddy used to be the manager there and @ that time (about 2000-2001) the place was ran only by hardcore gamers who were helpful and knew how to make their customers happy. Man I miss the old days :/

  40. Oz Says:

    I would never let that happen. Most of the time I let first or maybe even 2nd thing slide depending on situation, as long as it’s corrected. Honestly I don’t run into too many straight out incompetent/jerk clerks in any area. Most of the time it’s just average, no extra smile, but no snarl either. But I have hit those (hell will freeze over before I give in) people and if I can’t change their mind I just go up and above and over their head until someone listens. Very rare I’ve hit a wall, just keep fighting till the end and you won’t have any problems with these corporations. Honestly Gamestop I’ve had next to no problems with, they even let me in at closing once because I drove 80 miles.
    The real frustration comes with BofA, Chase, and Verizon, wow I’ve almost literally ripped some hair out dealing with each of them.

  41. Mel Says:

    I totally agree with you! I worked for GS for a while and they SUCK…I am tired of all the BS excues coporate and the few loyal employees come up with. Customer Service SUCKS, prices SUCK, the way they treat their employees REALLY SUCKS and their policies are bull crap…screw GS and anyone that thinks they are a decent company!

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